A Book of Portraits is a collaborative project led by Director/Designer Alexander Kaniewski and Composer Peter Bell. The work was devised with young professionals from the Birmingham area and supported by the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

We have been working with various organisations and groups within the village of Hatton since September 2022 in order to develop this project and provide an immersive performance event for the local community.

This would not have been possible without the help and support of Ferncumbe C of E Primary School, Rev. Ann Peachy and the congregation of Holy Trinity Hatton, Hatton Parish Council, Thomas Maynard of Hatton Farms and The Leamington Scout group. Thank you.

Alex & Peter

A Book of Portraits 

Alexander Kaniewski & Peter Bell 

Flower Maiden: Georgie Taylor 

Fox: James McIlwrath

Lavender Man: Luke Harrison 

Scholar: Francesca Fargion

Lovers: Vickie Harley & Edwyn Howell

Drummer: Sam Hurst 

Band: Zahrah Hutton, Vratislav Klemera

The Team 

Emma Blackburn, Laura Castle, Becky Sheard, 

James Knowles, Imogen Tong.

A Book of Portraits 2023